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Welcome to New Lynn Bible Chapels Website.

We are glad you found us.

About New Lynn Bible Chapel 


Our beliefs, vision and goals.



To glorify God by taking the love and message of Jesus Christ to people who don't know Him, and by helping those who know Jesus to become like Him.


We see... a contemporary, multi-ethnic church with a local and international influence.

A Church committed to the Bible, the family, to community, and to God's purpose in the world.

We see people...

  • Turning toward God to seek Him

  • Trusting Christ for salvation and committing their lives to Him

  • Learning to trust Christ in all areas of life, believing and applying the truth of God's word

  • Learning to humbly serve others, allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them for the benefit of others

  • Telling their friends and others the story of God's grace in their lives while demonstrating that grace and love in the way they live




By God's enabling we will;


  1. Reach the lost in our neighbourhood and across this city with God's message in effective ways beginning in personal relationships.

  2. Put God at the centre of our lives as the sole basis of our dependence.

  3. Help broken people become whole people, mature in Christ.

  4. Equip and deploy believers to serve graciously, applying their Holy Spirit-given gifts, interests and design.

What we teach at New Lynn Bible Chapel


At New Lynn Bible Chapel we are committed to the importance of teaching and believing the basic truths of the Christian faith as taught in the Bible.


The foundation of our church and our daily living is that the Bible is the fully inspired Word of God. We teach the doctrine of the Trinity- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Our primary purpose individually and as a church is to bring all people into a living, personal and ever-growing relationship with God.


We teach that all people are sinners and subject to the judgment of God and that salvation is found only through the death of the Lord Jesus in our place. Being right with God is not achieved through our good works but is solely through personal faith in Christ and His grace. Therefore, through preaching and by personal discussions we are keen to share the message of salvation.


We teach that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He physically rose from death. We are committed to the personal acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as Lord and Him having ultimate authority in our lives.


We are committed to the work of the Holy Spirit in our living and in our service.  We teach that all Christians are called to live upright lives with a priority on being helpful to other people.


In the practices of the church we conduct baptism by immersion for believers and we celebrate a regular communion service.  We believe that all Christians have the right to contribute to the worship and ministry of the church using their spiritual gifts.  The authority structure of this church is the eldership model.


In regard to future events we teach the reality of a continuing life after death for all people whether with God or separated from God, and that Jesus Christ will return at His Second Coming to judge and to rule.  We teach the resurrection of the dead, the final judgment and the unending rule of God. This makes us committed to spiritual and eternal values.

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